New Research Projects

Our Team participates in three (3) new research projects:

  • PLATON consists of an online platform and mobile applications (iOS and Android) that will connect to the same database to manage data related to patients receiving medication for cancer treatment. Additionally, an Augmented Reality System aims at the effective training of nursing staff and surgeons in placement and use of port-a-cath devices.
  • SILVANUS (H2020) deals with the challenge of continuously monitoring the forest infrastructure is achieved with the use of sensors (static environmental sensors and mobile sensors being deployed in response to incident reports). The information collected from such distributed sensor systems are then subsequently processed at both cloud plat-form and/or near-edge solutions. While Phase A and Phase C data collection, assessment and monitoring will take place in the cloud, the need for (near-) real-time analysis on the behaviour and spread of wildfire will be continually analysed at the near-edge computational infrastructure.
  • ELLIOT (SHAPES, H2020)comes into the scene to enhance the SHAPES platform by providing specialized modules for collecting data concerning the nutrition habits of individuals and supporting a recommendation mechanism for good practices towards securing a good health level.