MSc Theses

  1. Papageorgiou Vassilia-Nikoleta, ‘Artificial Intelligence in the Digitization of Companies’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  2. Angelakopoulos Marios, ‘Data Science in Financial Services’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  3. Polikseni Ntalli, ‘Digital Applications in the Cultural Domain’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  4. Konstantinos Stefanatos, ‘Augmented and Virtual Reality Systems in the Healthcare Domain’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  5. Christos Kylafas, ‘Intelligent Events Management through the Assistance of Message
    Queues’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  6. Georgios Rachoutis, ‘Intelligent query management in distributed nodes using machine learning techniques’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  7. Konstantinos Elemenoglou, ‘Smoke and fire detection in video based on machine learning’, (In English) [thesis]
  8. Panagiotis Fountas, ‘Query Driven Data Subspace Mapping’, (In English) [thesis]
  9. Maria Papathanasaki, ‘MODERN AUTHENTICATION METHODS: A COMPREHENSIVE SURVEY’, (In English) [thesis]
  10. Athanasios Chasapis, ‘An Intelligent Distributed Task Allocation Scheme at the Edge of the Network’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  11. Efstathia Paraskevopoulou, ‘Data mining – Creating a model for predicting success or not in the subject of Mathematics’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  12. Vassilis Tsoukas, ‘A Comparative Assessment of Machine Learning Algorithms for Events Detection’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  13. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, ‘A Data Mining Application for Frequent Patterns Detection in the Health Domain’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  14. Antonios Skriapas, ‘Internet of Things Applications in Agriculture’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  15. Athanasios Matikas, ‘A Comparison of Sentiment Analysis Algorithms’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  16. Theocharis Koukaras, ‘Automated Management and Update of Data Synopses in Distributed Environments’ (in Greek) [thesis]


BSc Theses

  1. Ntallas Georgios, ‘Damage assessment in buildings using drones’ (In English) [thesis]
  2. Katsakioris Panagiotis, ‘An Ensemble Learning Scheme for Supporting Forecasting Activities’ (In Greek) [thesis]
  3. Kakatsos Dimitrios, ‘Outlier detection and management through machine learning’ (In Greek) [thesis]
  4. Kyriakidis Panagiotis, Lymperidis Apostolos, ‘Smart Recognition of Fake News’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  5. Georgios Larentzakis, ‘Outliers Detection upon Data Streams’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  6. Themistoklis Sarafidis, ‘Automatic Recognition of Vehicles at Intersections and Update using Licence Plates’, (In Greek) [thesis]
  7. Lechareas Petros, Fotoglou Triantafyllos, ‘Chatbot Development for Indoor Navigation’ (In Greek) [thesis]
  8. Vassilis Vasiloudis, ‘Embedding a Recommendation ChatBot on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (In Greek) [thesis]
  9. Ioannis Terpo, ‘Intelligent IoT Data Streams Management’ (In Greek) [thesis]
  10. Dimitrios Bratsos, Georgios Fesatidis, ‘Intelligent Dietary Scheduling and Suggestion Mechanism’ (In Greek) [thesis]
  11. Dimitrios Papathanasiou, ‘Smart Heterogeneity Management in the Internet of Things’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  12. Nikolaos Grigoropoulos, ‘Damage assessment in Buildings with the help of
    Deep Learning’ (in English) [thesis]
  13. Aplakidis Pavlos, ‘Path Planning and Crossroad Detection for Autonomous Driving using Multi-Task Learning’ (in English) [thesis]
  14. Reppa Anna, ‘Web Development of a Port Management System’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  15. Athanasios Diamantas, ‘Intelligent Career Advisor’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  16. Sapakos Sotirios, ‘GYM Management System Application’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  17. Biletsiou Florina, ‘Distributed Management of Personal Data’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  18. Gkikas Ilias, ‘Collaborative Collection of Data in the Internet of Things’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  19. Thanasis Zacharopoulos, ‘Development of Electronic Presentation Application using Internet Technologies through Android System’ (in Greek) [thesis] – Find the code here
  20. Christos Bournazos, ‘Design of a robotic arm with wireless control capabilities and execution of sorting algorithms’ (in Greek) [thesis] – Find the code here
  21. Nikolaos Kaloritis, ‘Development of an Augmented Reality System for Indoor Navigation Assistance’ (in Greek) [thesis] – See a video here
  22. Thanos Dimitrios, ‘Advanced Secured Interfaces for Web Applications’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  23. Matsoukas Achilleas, ‘Distributed Data Management in Internet of Things’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  24. Makridis Konstantinos, ‘Cooperative Scheme for Tasks Scheduling in Internet of Things’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  25. Eleni Kalogianni, ‘Ensemble Recommendations with Android Applications’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  26. Panagiotis Fountas, ‘Intelligent Management of Distributed Data Streams in Real Time’ (in Greek) [thesis]
  27. Christos Lefkaditis, ‘Automated Navigation with the Use of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality’ (In Greek) [thesis]