MSc Theses

  1. Panagiotis Fountas, ‘Query Driven Data Subspace Mapping’, (In English) thesis
  2. Maria Papathanasaki, ‘MODERN AUTHENTICATION METHODS: A COMPREHENSIVE SURVEY’, (In English) thesis
  3. Athanasios Chasapis, ‘An Intelligent Distributed Task Allocation Scheme at the Edge of the Network’, (In Greek) thesis
  4. Efstathia Paraskevopoulou, ‘Data mining – Creating a model for predicting success or not in the subject of Mathematics’, (In Greek) thesis
  5. Vassilis Tsoukas, ‘A Comparative Assessment of Machine Learning Algorithms for Events Detection’ (in Greek) thesis
  6. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, ‘A Data Mining Application for Frequent Patterns Detection in the Health Domain’ (in Greek) thesis
  7. Antonios Skriapas, ‘Internet of Things Applications in Agriculture’ (in Greek) thesis
  8. Athanasios Matikas, ‘A Comparison of Sentiment Analysis Algorithms’ (in Greek) thesis
  9. Theocharis Koukaras, ‘Automated Management and Update of Data Synopses in Distributed Environments’ (in Greek) thesis


BSc Theses

  1. Dimitrios Bratsos, Georgios Fesatidis, ‘Intelligent Dietary Scheduling and Suggestion Mechanism’ (In Greek) thesis
  2. Dimitrios Papathanasiou, ‘Smart Heterogeneity Management in the Internet of Things’ (in Greek) thesis
  3. Nikolaos Grigoropoulos, ‘Damage assessment in Buildings with the help of
    Deep Learning’ (in English) thesis
  4. Aplakidis Pavlos, ‘Path Planning and Crossroad Detection for Autonomous Driving using Multi-Task Learning’ (in English) thesis
  5. Reppa Anna, ‘Web Development of a Port Management System’ (in Greek) thesis
  6. Athanasios Diamantas, ‘Intelligent Career Advisor’ (in Greek) thesis
  7. Sapakos Sotirios, ‘GYM Management System Application’ (in Greek) thesis
  8. Biletsiou Florina, ‘Distributed Management of Personal Data’ (in Greek) thesis
  9. Gkikas Ilias, ‘Collaborative Collection of Data in the Internet of Things’ (in Greek) thesis
  10. Thanasis Zacharopoulos, ‘Development of Electronic Presentation Application using Internet Technologies through Android System’ (in Greek) thesis – Find the code here
  11. Christos Bournazos, ‘Design of a robotic arm with wireless control capabilities and execution of sorting algorithms’ (in Greek) thesis – Find the code here
  12. Nikolaos Kaloritis, ‘Development of an Augmented Reality System for Indoor Navigation Assistance’ (in Greek) thesis – See a video here
  13. Thanos Dimitrios, ‘Advanced Secured Interfaces for Web Applications’ (in Greek) thesis
  14. Matsoukas Achilleas, ‘Distributed Data Management in Internet of Things’ (in Greek) thesis
  15. Makridis Konstantinos, ‘Cooperative Scheme for Tasks Scheduling in Internet of Things’ (in Greek) thesis
  16. Eleni Kalogianni, ‘Ensemble Recommendations with Android Applications’ (in Greek) thesis
  17. Panagiotis Fountas, ‘Intelligent Management of Distributed Data Streams in Real Time’ (in Greek) thesis
  18. Christos Lefkaditis, ‘Automated Navigation with the Use of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality’ (In Greek) thesis