MSc Theses

  • Vassilis Tsoukas, ‘A Comparative Assessment of Machine Learning Algorithms for Events Detection’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, ‘A Data Mining Application for Frequent Patterns Detection in the Health Domain’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Antonios Skriapas, ‘Internet of Things Applications in Agriculture’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Athanasios Matikas, ‘A Comparison of Sentiment Analysis Algorithms’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Theocharis Koukaras, ‘Automated Management and Update of Data Synopses in Distributed Environments’ (in Greek) thesis


BSc Theses

  • Thanos Dimitrios, ‘Advanced Secured Interfaces for Web Applications’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Matsoukas Achilleas, ‘Distributed Data Management in Internet of Things’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Makridis Konstantinos, ‘Cooperative Scheme for Tasks Scheduling in Internet of Things’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Eleni Kalogianni, ‘Ensemble Recommendations with Android Applications’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Panagiotis Fountas, ‘Intelligent Management of Distributed Data Streams in Real Time’ (in Greek) thesis
  • Christos Lefkaditis, ‘Automated Navigation with the Use of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality’ (In Greek) thesis