New Publications at ICICS

Three papers were accepted in the 12th International Conference on Information and Communication Systems:

1. Kolomvatsos, K., Anagnostopoulos, C., ‘Landmark based Outliers Detection in Pervasive Applications’: It discusses a ‘soft’ technique foe outliers detection upon streams adopting a combination of a sliding window with a landmark window to confirm outliers.

2. Jodelka, O., Anagnostopoulos, C., Kolomvatsos, K., ‘Adaptive Novelty Detection over Contextual Data Streams at the Edge using One-class Classification’: It presents a one-class SVM scheme for the detection of novelty upon streams.

3. Koukaras, T., Kolomvatsos, K., ‘Proactive Data Allocation in Distributed Datasets based on an Ensemble Model’: It describes a distributed model for the allocation of data to distributed datasets trying to keep the solidity of datasets at high levels.