Faculty Members

Kostas Kolomvatsos
Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications

University of Thessaly

Papasiopoulou 2-4 35131

Lamia Greece

Christos Anagnostopoulos
Affiliated Researcher - Associate Professor

School of Computing Science

University of Glasgow

Lilybank Gardens G12 8RZ

Glasgow UK

Postdoc researchers

Panagiotis Oikonomou
Research Fellow
George Floros
Affiliated Research Fellow
Thanasis Tziouvaras
Affiliated Research Fellow

PhD/MSc Students

Georgios Zioviris
PhD Candidate
George Boulougaris
PhD Candidate
Athanasios Moustakas
PhD Candidate
Panagiotis Fountas
MSc Student

BSc Students

Alexandros Angelou
BSc Student
Dimitrios Bratsos
BSc Student
Antonis Chalaris
BSc Student
George Fesatidis
BSc Student
Michalis Soultanidis
BSc Student