New Publication

2020-11-18 00:00:00 +0300

Two new papers were accepted for publication in the Computing Conference, July 15-16, 2021, London UK.

Zioviris, G., Kolomvatsos, K., Stamoulis, G., ‘On the Use of a Sequential Deep Learning Scheme for Financial Fraud Detection’, Computing Conference, London, UK, 15-16 July, 2021.

The paper discusses how to adopt deep learning models for fraud detection in the banking sector. We introduce a novel multistage deep learning model that combines a feature selection process upon an Autoencoder model and a deep convolutional neural network to detect frauds.

Fountas, P., Kolomvatsos, K., Anagnostopoulos, C., ‘A Deep Learning Model for Data Synopses Management in Pervasive Computing Applications’, Computing Conference, London, UK, 15-16 July, 2021.

We present a model to support the cooperative aspect in the edge infrastructure. We argue on the delivery of data synopses distributed in the ecosystem of edge nodes making them capable to take offloading decisions fully aligned with data present at every peer. Nodes exchange their data synopses to inform their peers. We propose a scheme that detects the appropriate time to distribute the calculated synopsis trying to avoid the network overloading especially when synopses are frequently extracted due to the high rates at which IoT devices report data to edge computing nodes.